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Transformation at any time, at any age can be yours.

Are you ready to transform your life? Create the life you want to live yourself.

Over 40 years of ‘success’ in teaching, the computer industry, corporate trouble shooting, health care and executive coaching has taught Cheryl that ‘success’ can come at a great price – loss of health, financial challenges and loss of relationships. Success can leave us feeling empty and the lack of success can leave us feeling like a failure. There is an alternative that Cheryl likes to call ‘Good Success’!

Another word for ‘Good Success’ is prosperingGood Success means that you are prospering (thriving) in every area of your life. Wisdom is the door to prospering . Wisdom goes beyond what you know. True wisdom comes from knowing the right questions to ask and of whom to ask the question.

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Why Choose Us?

Wisdom coaching with Cheryl Townsley gets results with integrity. Asking the hidden, obvious questions unlocks what has held you back from creating what you want, without losing what you value . . .

A Get Results! ‘Good Success’ allows you to get results in every area of your life (health, finances and relationships). Without Wisdom, the results you achieve can be very expensive.
B Let it Be EASY! Our brain resists what it perceives as hard. EASY is not about the effort required to get results, it is about knowing and taking the next ‘useful step’ to get you from point A to point B.
C Ask Questions! Questions allow you to discover what has always been there but that you haven’t been able to see. Wisdom Coaching reveals and helps you ask the obvious questions that will lead to your transformation.

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"Cheryl Townsley, through her coaching process, took our organization and staff to new heights. She helped us get to the core of our motivations, values and perceptions and not only defining where we were currently at, but providing essential tools to help us get to where we wanted to go. Cheryl helped chart the course and turn our chosen behaviors into daily habits – which is key to success, both professionally and personally."
John Puckett  CEO, Barlean’s Organic Oils

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